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Mental self-defense

Very often, mental problems arise as a result of an unwanted relationship that we want to break at any cost. Such connections are possible not only between two people, but between an individual and an entire group.

When two human beings are in such a union, the less positive person begins to lose their individuality and becomes a pale reflection of the other. It is precisely for this reason that Western occultists, who value individuality highly, do not take individual students.

What should we do to end such a relationship? There is much we can do on a physical level to help a person. Sunlight is especially valuable because it strengthens a person's aura. This is the place to note that items bought second-hand should also be treated in this way. To be washed and exposed to sunlight for several days. In this way, foreign magnetism is removed. For other items bought from an antique dealer, it is desirable that they sit on excavated ground.

The most effective way to get rid of the magnetism of the person or group you don't want to be friends with is to move to a new place without taking any of your old things. However, this is overwhelming advice for many people. It is easier for a person to put on new clothes or clothes that have just been dry cleaned. Another way of breaking psychic contact is for the patient to immerse himself in a bath of water that has been specially lit for the purpose. This is followed by changing into new or currently washed clothes and at all costs moving to another room.

In order not to have problems, it is desirable for a person to choose very carefully who he associates with.