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Do children need idols?

From an early age, the child wants to compare himself to someone, and this is how idols appear. Parents should monitor whether this is an infatuation or the child's idol has not become the center of the world. Why is such attention necessary?

Practically every adult had different ideals according to the time in which he lived. Today's children choose their idols from famous people, movie heroes, singers, sportsmen and there is no wonder because public figures owe their popularity and fame to their talent and their devoted fans.

Idols can change over time and become more popular and interesting. Today's idols are multifaceted and impressionable and lead their worshipers from one period to another. Children choose the object of their idol often unconsciously based on active advertising or by imitating those around them. It is desirable for parents to treat their children's idols with great care, everything comes and goes. The child who has an idol for support finds a common language with his peers. Having idols provides an ideal opportunity for parents to discover their child's orientation and interests.