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Children and parents - a repetition of fate

Why children often copy the fate of their parents, their victories, failures, love stories and divorces. With diseases and habits, the answer is a gene, but with events, how is it?

It turns out that without suspecting the parents themselves program their children to repeat their fate.

Name and zodiac sign

Children who are named in honor of their mothers or fathers, as well as those who have the same zodiac sign as some of their parents, have a high chance of repeating the fate of one of their parents. If in the first cases fate plays a big role in the child's life, then in the second case Astrology plays a role, as well as the behavior of the parent who is identical to the child's zodiac sign.

For example, the child in his childhood copies the reaction of his parent or acts according to his sense of the situation. The child does not think whether his parent is doing well or badly in the given situation. Even the many failures do not let him rethink his behavior and it is difficult to give it up.

Another example is a girl who knows that her mother had an affair with a married man and she is also looking for a married man as a lover.

Or another example where in another family the parents do not do such things either with actions or words, it will never occur to the child to do so. And even if she falls in love with a married man, she will suffer in most cases, but she will not allow herself such a relationship.

Another example is if the child sees that his parents achieve their goals thanks to fraud, intrigue, forgery and have quick results, he will follow the same path and be guided by similar principles.

Parents friends good or bad?

Those children who are in friendly and friendly relations with their parents have many chances to repeat their parents' fate. This is because the parent is perceived as an older brother or sister, and in this way the child copies everything and repeats the fate of their parents. This friendship is especially hard to bear when the mother or father suffocates the child with their authoritarianism. As a rule, such a danger exists with divorced parents, because the child is a hostage to the private life of his parents and later it is very possible to repeat their fate.

How to avoid repeating the fate of the parents?

One way is to separate children from their parents as much as possible and spend as little time with them as possible. In this way, children learn independence and cope with life's troubles on their own. According to statistics, those children who live with their parents, for the most part, repeat their fate.

Each person's life path is different, but if he follows the advice of his parents, which are not always up-to-date, it is possible to repeat their fate.

In order not to repeat the fate of your parents, do not make the same mistakes and do not live in their likeness. In this way, you will avoid repeating their fate.