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How to find out what our interlocutor is thinking?

Many people wonder how virtuosos can read people's minds. The answer to this question is by following, observing their gestures. That is, what a person is thinking about at a given moment is told by his gestures, movements, behavior.

If a person lies in his behavior certain movements and manners of behavior are characteristic.

During a conversation, a liar usually tries to cover his mouth with his hand or scratch his nose. Particular attention should be paid to the left half of his body. If the interlocutor gestures a lot with his left hand or moves his left leg often, he is clearly hiding something. Liars also make random gestures like pinching the soft part of their ears, rubbing their eyes, or often touching the collar of their clothes.

Distrust can also be recognized by the way a person holds his hands. If they are crossed in front of the chest, it means that the person feels the danger that his interlocutor may harm him. If he begins to rub his eyes during the conversation, it means that he does not believe your words.

When a person gets into a difficult situation, he tries to divert attention from himself. He starts looking for his phone, rummaging in his purse, or doing other spontaneous and mindless actions.

If the interlocutor gets bored, he starts turning in the chair and looking for a comfortable position. This means that the topic of the conversation is not interesting to him or excites and affects him.

Knowing the language of gestures, we can easily understand what kind of person our interlocutor is.