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Energy zones on a woman's body

In the human body there are several energy zones from which energy enters and exits. It is desirable for women to pay special attention to these areas, because their health, personal life and reproductive functions are more easily affected by the negative influence of those around them.

Hair - Women's hair has sexual energy. A lot of magical power is concentrated in them. Women who have long hair should not wear it loose. Through loose hair, women can easily receive energy shocks, which may lead to diseases and problems in personal life. According to the observations and studies, women who have long hair and wear it loose have more unpleasant events that make them cry more often. For this, if your hair is long, it is better to braid it or wear it in a ponytail.

The back of the neck - this place is very weak in the woman's body, if it is not protected, the woman can absorb negative energy. To avoid this, do not stand with your back to people who discuss you or say unpleasant things about you. To protect yourself wear clothes with collars if the occasion permits, a scarf or cover your neck with your tail if you have one.

Groin and hips are very important places in a woman's body. If this place in a woman's body is the object of constant contemplation, it can cause hormonal problems. To save yourself these problems, it is advisable not to wear very absorbent clothes that emphasize these areas.

There are also areas of a woman's body that can be displayed.

Breasts - they are symbolic of motherhood and are not easily vulnerable to negative influence.

Stomach - a symbol of success and well-being. This area of a woman's body can be emphasized of course within reason.

The energy zones in the woman's body need to be protected in order to preserve the internal balance of the body that promotes health and well-being.

For this, think not only about your physical but also about your energy health.