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What does nose shape predict?

By the shape of the nose it is possible to determine the vitality of the individual and the sexual potency. An important sexual organ, a popular myth according to which the magnitude of a man's dignity and the degree of his sexual activity are measured.

The correct interpretation of this fact is that with the help of his nose and its size, its owner will have a chance to distinguish a greater number of smells and to correctly orient himself to the one suitable for him at the moment.

What does a long nose predict?

Such a nose is characteristic of conservative individuals and predicts great capriciousness.

A long and broad nose predicts a steady character and calm temperament.

A short nose predicts an open character, optimism and a friendly nature.

According to observations made by scientists, people gather and live together and according to the shape of the nose. Straight noses with straight noses, chip noses with chip noses. People with an eagle nose tend to coexist with people of the opposite sex with the same type of nose, there are exceptions, but they are rare.

Character of people with a chip nose

Symbolizes prudence, practices

ness, poise. You can trust such a person. Owners of this type of nose like to help people, many people always gather around them because they are interesting interlocutors. In their profession, they reach heights and great positions, they always bring things to an end. They are interested in long-term love relationships.

Fleshy nose

Representatives of this type of nose are generous, strongly sensual, but also reasonable enough. To achieve success they have to work hard.

Eagle nose

The representative of this type of nose is a strong and active nature that does not back down from its opinion. They never forget their advantage, but they are also impatient, and that is why their success comes late. For the most part, their love interests are only for the satisfaction of their sexual passion. For them, long-term relationships are nonsense.

Straight nose

It predicts a clear thought and a firm character, you can trust such a person. They are true aesthetes and understand a lot about art. In most cases, they have a high social status and impeccable upbringing. When achieving success and status, it is possible for them to become puffed up and self-absorbed.