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Modern beliefs

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Modern beliefs

Humans have always created beliefs through observations of the world around them. Modern people also follow nature but also the technical achievements of mankind and have established many magical regularities in modern technology and lifestyle.

Mobile phones

If you dial your cell phone and get a wrong connection three times in a row, you'd better not call again, as you won't hear anything good.

If you found a mobile phone in a case on the street, it means that luck smiled on you.

If you are also called by a crow at that moment, postpone the call until later. At this point, they will not be happy about your call.

You should not talk on the phone while standing in the doorway or in the door frame. Your words will not be taken seriously.


You should not keep any sharp or cutting objects on the computer table, they destroy the positive energy around it. At the same time, headache or irritation may also occur.

It is not advisable to wipe your computer in the evening, because this action of yours may cause unforeseen costs.

While working with the computer, you should light a candle from time to time, the fire cleans the air and rids the device of negative energy.


Girls who go to a disco and the heel of their shoe breaks on the way should immediately return home, otherwise they will be in trouble, which may turn into a serious problem.

If when you enter the disco the first color you see is red, you'd better go back because otherwise an unpleasant event may happen to you.

If, upon entering, the bodyguard at the entrance throws some nonsense at you, your evening will be full of pleasant surprises.

Losing a bracelet or earring while dancing is unexpected luck.

If you lose a ring, disappointment awaits you.

If you lose a chain big complications in intimate life.

For the upcoming evening, you can find out what awaits you at the disco without even leaving your home. If you notice traces of lipstick on your teeth after applying make-up, you are in for some memorable kisses tonight.

If a button breaks before you go out, sew it up immediately and definitely go out with the same outfit - so the evening will bring you a pleasant surprise. But if you change clothes, you may suffer a series of disappointments.

Don't take clothes from girlfriends to go to the disco or you'll get in trouble.

When applying make-up, start applying make-up with the right eye - otherwise it will go wrong.

Do not dance next to people dressed in black outfits - you are predicted an unsuccessful period.

Take into account folk wisdom to enjoy success in life!