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Thought heals

The great occultist connoisseur of ancient magic and other secret sciences Dr. Gerard Encos said: Every human being consists of three principles - physical body, formative principle or soul, conscious ability. The latter contains the former and unites the organism.

The physical body holds all the elements that make up man.

The astral body animates all the parts that make up the embodiment of man.

The mental being sets in motion all that constitutes man.

This is the wisdom of magic.

Therefore, both the ancient learned magicians and ordinary people were convinced that our body is completely and completely dependent on the manifestations of the human spirit and consciousness.

Is this true?

It's no secret that the human body has a rich pharmacy in its arsenal - a set of chemical substances capable of instantly extinguishing pain, stopping bleeding and destroying even the most malicious organisms.

The treasured key to the healing treasury may be a simple wish woven into a vivid imagery thought.

Try a few tips developed by ancient and modern magicians.

A mental stab

If you have a headache, toothache, use the method of mental pricking. Close your eyes and imagine an injection with a fine needle filled with cold liquid. Mentally insert the needle into the painful area, which you imagine as red and hot. The pain will be gone in minutes.

A ghostly waterfall

If you are tired, you can quickly recover by imagining that you are standing under the jets of a ghostly waterfall. The image of the cold water should penetrate your body, washing away the fatigue from every cell.

Invisible compress

An incipient cold can be beaten with an effort of will. Put your hands on your chest and mentally tell yourself that this is a compress that deeply warms your body. You will soon feel relief.