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Talisman - red thread

The red thread on the wrist is a strong talisman against trouble and negative influence. Because of these properties, you can often see it on people's hands.

Along with the protective function, the red thread can help in making the right decision, which promotes success.

Why is the red thread considered a strong talisman?

According to one version, the tomb of Rachel, who according to Kabalists is considered the mother of mankind, was surrounded with a red thread. As for the red color, it is the color of the planet Mars, which provides protection and strength to people.

The red thread should be worn on the left hand. It is believed that the right side of the person has positive radiation and the left side negative, for this it is necessary to wear it on the left wrist.

The red thread should be tied by close people or relatives. The thread is tied with seven knots. After receiving it, the person is obliged to promise himself and the Higher Powers that he will live in harmony with the cosmic laws and refrain from negative thoughts, actions and negative emotions.

Only with the exact implementation of what has been said is the red thread able to protect its owner from misfortunes.

When the red thread breaks, it means that there was a negative impact on the person, and in this case the thread protected its owner from the negative energy and that's why it broke.

It is believed that the red thread talismans produced in Israel are the most beneficial, but there is another opinion that if it is worn on the left hand and its symbolism is believed, the person will be protected from troubles.