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Earth magic

Magical rites related to the earth exist among all nations, their power is limitless, and that is why many people still use it today.

In the past, when people went to war, they carried soil from their native land with them - it was a belief that they would return to their homeland alive and well.

In the event of an accident with a person, the sages advise to go to the place where the misfortune happened, to turn the person facing east and say: forgive me, mother earth, for having offended and hurt you. These words are uttered three times and then symbolically spitting is done over the left shoulder and bowing low to the ground.

These old rites have long been forgotten, but this does not mean that they have lost their magical power.

You can turn to the earth with a request to heal you or your loved ones. For the purpose of a waning moon, take a handful of earth and consecrate it with your favorite prayer. Then rub the sore spot and throw the earth into a river or stream. Speak : I cast the disease from me into the river, and it shall never appear upon me again. My words are strong. So it is and so it will be.
Earth can also help you heal from emotional wounds as well. If you have experienced stress, lie on the ground facing it. After a while you will feel its coolness. Lie down for a few minutes and you will certainly forget about your problems and subsequently feel your calmness and confidence returning.

If you are building a new home, ask the spirit of the land if you can use this particular territory. It will be suitable if animals dogs or cats constantly strive or rest on it. Before starting construction, be sure to bury several coins of different values and grains of wheat in the ground. This ritual is done in order to always have money and prosperity in your home.