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Rituals for quick fulfillment of wishes

In order to fulfill a certain desire of yours, you need to make certain efforts for its realization, but if neither your strong desire nor strong efforts give results, in such cases you can resort to the help of rituals. Rituals will strengthen your energy, remove barriers and help you realize your desire.

Wish fulfillment ritual with matches

Take three matches and light them. When they start to burn quickly say your wish and finally finish: So be it for the good of me and the whole universe. Put the sticks out in a bowl of water. Water any of your indoor plants with this water. Thus, your energy and desire will provide an opportunity for the realization of your dreams.

Candle ritual

Take a white or golden colored candle. Light it in front of a mirror. You look your image in the eyes and say your wish and finally say: Higher powers help to fulfill my wish, I, for my part, will make every effort to make it come true. The ritual works without fail. The energy of the mirror keeps information about your plans and setting, and contact with higher forces will give you the strength to act in the right direction.