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How to protect yourself from trouble on Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky date in many countries. It is known that many influential people are afraid of this date.

What caused this

Many people believe that on this day they should limit outgoing contacts and meetings. From a numerological point of view, this number has a certain sacred meaning, which in most cases is negative.

This day is also associated with magical acts like a sabbath. According to legend, getting a haircut on this day does not bring anything good.

Many biblical traditions say that on Friday the 13th, Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise, on that day Cain killed Abel.

There is another credible event on this day, Friday the 13th, many members of the Templar Order were arrested and accused of mortal sins and sentenced to death.

Why is it not going well for us on Friday the 13th?

If you are superstitious it will indeed be so. But there are also examples that really work on Friday the 13th and can bring you a lot of headaches.

It is not desirable to insult people even mentally on this day.

Do not start new projects

Don't dye your hair

If it rains on that day and you have opened an umbrella, you will definitely have headaches and troubles.

Do not look in the mirror before sleep, you will have nightmares

Do not cut your hair or nails

How to get rid of the bad influence of Friday the 13th

Tear off a hair from your hair and say: Hairs of mine on this day protect me from all your adversities and troubles. So be it. Put the hair in your purse and wear it all day long. The next day, burn it and thank fate for saving you from trouble.

Another option

You can also name the clothes you will be wearing that day. For example, take a shirt or a sweater and sprinkle it with water from the tap and say: Everything on me is clean, the dirt cannot get to me and harm me. So be it.

Repeat the words three times.

We wish you a radiation-free Friday the 13th!