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Retrograde Mars, how to protect ourselves from its negative influence?

Why is retrograde Mars dangerous and what should we do during this period?
Under the impact of the planet fall active active people such as athletes, entrepreneurs, representatives of the police and the army, security companies, but everyone else must be careful.

Mars symbolizes action. When we have decided what we want or what to do we fall under the jurisdiction of Mars, and when he moves backwards there is a risk that not everything will be as we want it.
Influence of retrograde Mars on the character of people

Irritability and vanity appear in people's character. Internal tension builds up. Old insults are recalled. A desire for aggression arises in people, injuries due to carelessness are not excluded. In actions there is a long pause between stimulus and response. A decision has already been made, or the circumstances that need to be reacted to have arisen, but the person is procrastinating. In this way the energy is dissipated. People argue about trifles and have reduced motivation to act.
How Mars retrograde affects events.

Accidents, accidents, injuries can happen. Activity is slow. If you start some project during this stage, you will find many flaws and errors only at the end of May or June. During this period, it is not desirable to start repairs, be careful when working with mechanisms. In conflicts in court or military actions, the one who started them will lose.
What should we do during this period?

The main thing is to keep parity and calmness. Moving forward is dangerous and will not produce the desired results. That's why it's best to stay in the same position and keep what you own. The period is suitable to look inside ourselves and explore our inner reserves. Past insults and quarrels may come to the fore. Now you have a chance to constructively resolve them and thus you will feel a release from the insult.