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What do the signs of the zodiac hide?

Each sign of the zodiac hides something from those around it. They do not admit their insecurity, hide their income, keep their intimate life a secret. In this article, we will tell you what the zodiac signs hide.


Aries hide the foreign influence of their consciousness. They stubbornly give the appearance that they are completely independent and that no one rules them, but this is not the case, they cannot oppose people with whom they are closely related, but respect or admire them. Aries hide their complexes and take risky actions.


Representatives of the zodiac hide details of their personal lives, do not tell anything about their real financial situation. These issues are not discussed.


At first glance, Gemini does not hide anything from anyone, but this is not so. They contact some people, live and sleep with those they are not in love with. Everything for them is theater and they play in front of an audience.


They hide everything they can, they hide their personal life, they don't declare their income. In general, Cancers are careful and do not reveal themselves to people.


Many Leos hide their self-doubt, lack of knowledge and experience. They love illegal things, have a sick ego, but this is the engine of progress. They hide their plans and keep quiet about their wealth.


Most Virgos hide their ambitions, they don't advertise them but satisfy them secretly so as not to attract the attention of competitors and other persons. They also hide their feelings, income, do not give loans.


Libras hide their mistakes and put a veil over their lives. They also hide their attitude towards people. The thing is that they hate conflicts and tense atmosphere, they fix everything with diplomacy and hypocrisy.


Scorpios hide their true intentions, but this is all a maneuver to divert their attention. They also hide their love and check the person if he is ready to respond to their feelings.


Sagittarians are unpredictable in their reactions, hide their thoughts and often trust the signs of fate. They believe in predictions and follow them strictly. It will be difficult for a person to understand anything about them.


Capricorns hide their financial situation and their friendships. They prefer to put on a mask of sympathy in front of people.


Aquarians hide their indifference to people, hide their personal lives and plans for the future. Aquarians consider this a hidden territory and do not allow anyone to enter it. They are very afraid of loneliness.


Pisces hide their fears and phobias, but they deal with their problems independently and do not seek anyone's help. They hide their laziness. They love peace and well-being, but fulfill their responsibilities and carefully hide their shortcomings.