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What coffee do zodiac signs prefer to drink?

It is hard to imagine the morning without coffee. Each person chooses a suitable option for coffee to drink. As strange as it may seem to you, different zodiac signs have their own preferences regarding what coffee to drink.


The representatives of this sign are daring individuals. For them, the most appropriate will be African coffee, and more specifically coffee from Kenya.


It will be important for Tauruses to find out if the coffee they drink has not been treated with herbicides or pesticides. When they get the answer they want, they will drink the coffee with great pleasure.


Those born under this zodiac sign have fickle tastes. Today they like one type of coffee and tomorrow another. The important thing for them is that the coffee is strong. For them, a favorable choice will be coffee from Guinea.


Cancers are very sensitive people and like to consume decaffeinated coffee. Otherwise, Cancers become workaholics.


Leos love to drink Espresso coffee. If they have a coffee machine at home, they will make the best Espresso in the world.


Virgos are conservatives and trust the traditional varieties of Colombian coffee.


Libra strives for balance in everything, this does not exclude coffee. They prefer Mocha coffee.


Scorpios are famous for their mysterious nature and love to drink good roasted African coffee.


Sagittarians are always looking for something new and exotic. Coffee from Tanzania will be suitable for them. This coffee will fill them with unique emotions and give them a lot of strength.


Capricorns value tradition and high quality. They are aristocrats not only in soul but also in life. Capricorns always prefer to drink premium coffee.


Aquarians are connoisseurs of the avant-garde and everything extraordinary. They always like to experiment. It is unlikely that they will drink the same coffee, they will try different varieties and types.


If the representatives of the sign Pisces drink coffee, it will be of different varieties, but they will always add a little liquor to it.