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Is your chosen one capable of the feat?

Every woman wants to know from early on what is expected in love with a certain partner in order to count on a serious relationship.

To determine the type of your chosen one, the placement of Mars is looked at. It is this planet that is the patron of virile warriors, but its excess makes it very aggressive. Subconsciously, women look for a man with a strong Mars.

Mars in Aries

A man with Mars in Aries needs a companion, a mysterious lady who can maintain interest in a long-term relationship. Such a man is by nature a passionate and romantic gentleman. He needs vivid impressions, so he may have many girlfriends. Your chosen one will court you until he achieves his goals, then he will do manipulation. Be vigilant and don't fall for his charm.

Mars in Taurus

A Cavalier with Mars in Taurus knows how to court beautifully. Contact with him is an amazing story. He is not only gallant, but he is ready to organize a romantic trip for you. By the way, men with Mars in Taurus are very enterprising and in most cases are successful businessmen. Such men are not afraid of marriage and show it at the right time, but it is necessary to remember that he quickly falls in love with other women. In order to possess him, you have to make sure that you constantly keep his attention on you.

Mars in Gemini

The man with Mars in Gemini will captivate his chosen one with his eloquence, but in reality it is very difficult to understand him. They are skilled manipulators. Mars in Gemini gives men the charisma ability to captivate women and hold their attention. When your chosen one decides to live together, be an attentive and caring wife.

Mars in Cancer

Men with Mars in Cancer are characterized by kindness and tenderness. A woman with such a gentleman feels needed and chosen. He is ready for romantic dinners, makes unexpected gifts. He invites you for walks. During your contact with him, you will probably feel that he is touchy and capricious, if you want to be with him you have to get used to the sudden change of his moods.

Mars in Leo

The man with Mars in Leo is capable of a feat for his beloved woman, but also for all the other ladies he makes an impression on. He is looking for that woman who will meet his idea of an ideal wife. If you have such a gentleman, you need to fully reveal all your merits in order to participate in the competition for the vacant place of the lady of his heart. Some women consider such men ideal. princes and others for great seducers. It is up to each lady to decide for herself whether to go ahead and accept this adventure.

Mars in Virgo

If Mars is placed in Virgo, it means a very careful man. During the courtship, he will give you ornaments and flowers and will definitely invite you to a restaurant where they offer healthy and low-calorie dishes. He will take care of your health, appearance and self-esteem. Such a man will not disappear if you have serious health problems. Tai knows how to give a massage, make tea, and in the future he can be a wonderful father. If you want him, you have to get used to his silence, thoughtfulness and tightness.

Mars in Libra

If your chosen one has Mars in Libra, he will be gallant, charming and generous. Such men are very influential, have enough money and have great connections. Such a man will be able to reveal your hidden merits, listen to his advice. He solves problems peacefully, he does not like scandals. As positive qualities can be added that he can properly stimulate his wife and provide her with a luxurious existence.

Mars in Scorpio

A man with Mars in Scorpio is very masculine, we can call him a real knight, but even such a gentleman will not miss his chance if you are ready to go to bed on the first date with him. He knows how to manipulate the feelings of his partner. There are always many women around such men. Mars in Scorpio people are ready to do anything a lady expects. They will attract your attention with an expensive car, a yacht, lavish gifts. Even in old age, such persons do not calm down and do not seek to build a family nest.

Mars in Sagittarius

A man with Mars in Sagittarius has success as a hunter. He achieves success in his career and easily conquers beauties. The male hunter acts magnificently by following his instincts. The most important thing is to make sure of the seriousness of his intentions. Family life with such a man is a big challenge, and you have to think about whether you will last or whether you will be constantly tormented by jealousy. Men with Mars in Sagittarius are self-confident and gambling, and this can become the cause of their ruin. They give in to emotional urges and are difficult to control. Such a person has a hard time shrinking a seed nest, or if he shrinks, he is always ready for new love adventures.

Mars in Capricorn

They are distinguished by physical strength and endurance. They are confident in themselves and impart their confidence to their partner. Such cavaliers are very popular. Their successes on the love front are great. They know how to court, give gifts, go to restaurants and vacations. They are crystal clear in their relationship with their chosen one.

Mars in Aquarius

If your gentleman has Mars in Aquarius it testifies to his endurance, physical strength and attractiveness. But these men cannot court, they are gallant, attentive, but they are not capable of being romantic. Naturally, they are ideal companions in life.

Mars in Pisces

They perfectly understand female psychology, but use their abilities to manipulate and coerce. Women are toys for them to play with. Impressionable, sensual, impulsive. Men of this group stimulate affection, but the wife or partner will often be insulted and scolded. He strives to fully satisfy his desires without paying attention to other people's feelings and needs.