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What does it mean to dream of birds?

In the past, people thought that dreaming of birds meant that the birds came to tell them something important. Depending on what kind of bird had a dream, the prediction changes.


It is not for nothing that they call this bird wise. In fairy tales, Owls always give good advice. Either way, the appearance of an Owl in a dream may indicate that it is wisdom that a person lacks, the bird may also mean an unexpected change.


The eagle aspires to the Sun, it is a symbol of light and knowledge. An eagle seen in a dream means a rise and movement up the hierarchical ladder.

A crane

In China, the Giraffe is called the Patriarch of the tribe. In the mythologies of all cultures, the Giraffe brings the tidings of happiness. He is an ambassador of the Gods, which enables the consciousness to pass to a higher level. The crane is also a symbol of immortality, longevity, happy motherhood, happiness. In a dream, the Crane is an indicator of the healing of the soul and body and improvement of the situation, new acquaintances with the prospect of long communication.

A duck

The appearance of a Duck in a dream indicates that your movement is hindered by improper relations with relatives, especially on the female line. And if you change your relationship with your loved ones, new perspectives will open up for you. Sometimes the bird speaks of the need for a truce.


They call the Crow the guardian of the doors of existence. In magical practices, it helps on the way to the unknown. Appearing in a dream, says that you will achieve something new in your life.


In magical practices, the Seagull gives information about the treatment of diseases. Shows past incarnations. The appearance of a bird's dream indicates that there are health problems.

Divine birds

The divine bird appearing in a dream is a very good sign. It means receiving gifts from fate. The appearance of such birds in a dream is a sign of wish fulfillment.