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How do we complicate our own lives?

Many people's lives are very difficult and bring them many disappointments and few joys. Let's take a look at what you're doing and why you're complicating your own life every day.

You are very suspicious and take everything to heart. You are constantly tormented by doubts or a guilty conscience or the uncertainty of the situation.

You have a lot of negative thoughts and see everything in a negative light. It prevents you from seeing life in its true light.

You constantly worry about the future and imagine unpleasant scenarios. You can't solve your problems and they pile up. The main thing in this case is to live here and now, which for you in this case is an overwhelming task.

You expect too much from yourself and other people, and many of your expectations are unfair and unrealistic. You must remember that in life no one owes anyone.

You live as you should, not as you want. You constantly adopt other people's values as your credo and rely on others to fight for you.

You don't know how to say no. You want to please everyone. It takes a lot of strength and energy from you. Often they don't appreciate your efforts and even forget to thank you. These facts completely disappoint you.

To change your life learn to say no and stop thinking about problems that may happen in the future.

Live here and now. This way your life will certainly become easier.