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Logical thinking or intuition?

It happens that a person with a solid professional background copes poorly with his duties and cannot understand where the reason is.

This also happens when a worker with well-developed intuition finds himself in a job that requires logical thinking and vice versa. Employers do not warn what type of thinking is most suitable for the job they are offering. The test will help you find out if you have developed logical thinking or if you rely more on your intuition.

1 When you are offered to take a psychological test, what do you like the most?

A The options of the answers - 1 point

B The wording of the questions - 2 points

In the very process of answering the questions - 3 points

2 If you are asked to draw a geometric figure you choose

A rhombus-1 point

B square-2 points

In a rectangle, 3 points

3 If you are offered to answer test questions using jokers in case of difficulty

And you will ask them to remove the two misleading options - 1 point

B You will ask for advice on the principle of help from the audience - 2 points

In you will try to guess the correct answer yourself - 3 points

4 You like it best when on the clock face

And there are Arabic numerals-3 points

B has Roman numerals - 2 points

In simple strokes without numbers - 1 point

5 Did you love cubes as a child?

And yes – 1 point

B no – 3 points

In only the first time - 2 points

6 Can you, without thinking long, remember a few words that read the same from front to back and from back to front

And yes - 1 point

B no - 2 points

Are there such words in Nima? - 3 points

7 In what order do you usually introduce yourself

A last name first name - 1 point

B first name last name last name - 3 points

In different-2 points

8 How many times do you have to read a quatrain to memorize it.

And from one to four times - 1 point

B more than four times - 2 points

In I don't remember verses - 3 points

9 To remember better you must

Let's see - 1 point

B to listen - 2 points

In both - 3 points

10 You consider it your weak point

And exact sciences - 3 points

B humanities - 1 point

In spelling - 2 points

11 When did you start reading

And at 3-4 years old - 1 point

B at 4-5 years old - 2 points

At 5-7 years old - 3 points

12 How many steps are there in front of your entrance that you climb every day

And you don't know - 3 points

B name the correct number - 1 point

In you name the sample number - 2 points

13 Can you list all the colors of the rainbow

And no - 3 points

B easy-1 point

Yes, but I have to think - 2 points

14 There was more to your childhood drawings

And houses with people - 1 point

B colors and birds-2 points

In most often you drew a big sun or sea-3 points

15 Your boss loved his partner

And I have no idea - 3 points

B here is some trap - 1 point

I have to think - 2 points

Add up the points from your answers

15-25 points You have good logical thinking which is supported by knowledge.

25-35 points You use logic to answer the questions.

35-45 points Your logic is weak, you rely more on your intuition and memory.