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Rules for working in a single-sex team

You got a new job, a comfortable office, a friendly boss, a good salary and a large team of men, women or mixed. Do you know how to behave in an all-male or all-female team?

You are not confident, such societies have their own rules and inhibitions. Your career will depend on how quickly you learn them. In order not to torture you with long explanations, we have selected some of the most important rules that apply to women's and men's teams.

Rules of conduct in all-female teams

Drink coffee or tea with everyone. As a rule, at these times you will be able to get to know your colleagues and understand their character, clarify their positive and negative qualities and find out the latest news in the enterprise. The only very important restriction is not to engage in intrigue and gossip.

Do not be modest, great modesty, as well as the lack of it, hinders a person. If your colleagues are discussing last night's movie and you also liked it, don't be shy to express your opinion.

Do not provoke envy Do not go to work with expensive clothes and accessories, do not talk about your visits to exotic places. Do not demonstrate financial superiority. Remember that most people don't like people who live better than them.

Say No when you have to. No one likes the ability to refuse work that you are not obligated to do or sign a collective denunciation. Therefore, gather courage and state your position and do not suffer from remorse.

Rules for working in an all-male team

Do not engage in meaningless conversations, men are not interested in this.

Do what you promise, if you are given a task, finish it within the time limit, delays are not desirable.

If you are the only woman in an all-male team, know that men love with their eyes, give them this pleasure, but do not go to extremes with clothing and behavior, and no office romances will result in anything good.

Take the initiative in those matters where you can make constructive suggestions.

Once you are at work, work to the fullest, fulfill your tasks and do nothing else, so the team will respect you more.