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In the arms of Morpheus

Scientists believe that sleep is a special state of consciousness. Psychologists, bioenergetics, do not argue with scientists, but they are of the same opinion that the soul leaves the body during sleep and wanders in the world of the invisible. Yes, it is possible for the soul to fly away, but what about the brain?

Researchers have found that during sleep our brain works much more actively than when we are awake. When our body rests, our brain processes this information received during the day or earlier. Events intermingle in a whimsical kaleidoscope and create whimsical plots. Such dreams are difficult to remember and if they remain in the memory they do not cause any strong emotions.
Analytic dreams

These dreams are a continuation of hard mental work. At night, the brain rejects everything superfluous and gets an opportunity to think calmly, and when a person has been concentrating for a long time and wanted a solution to some question, he can receive a ready answer in his sleep. An example of such dreams is Mendeleev's table, Pushkin's poems, which he started or finished poems in his sleep. Composer Glinka wrote his best musical works in his sleep. The great Beatles Sir Paul McCarthy heard the melody of his famous Yesterday in his sleep and instantly created his musical masterpiece.
Diagnostic dreams

During sleep, the brain receives signals from the internal organs, and with the help of them it is possible to understand what the person will get sick from. Para psychologists, psychics and dream tellers have long known about their existence. Academic science is now confirming it. For example, the development of gastritis can be seen in a dream even with the first symptoms. Neuroses and depressions signal specific symbols within two weeks of their physical manifestation.
Erotic dreams

It is not correct to think that they occur from a lack of sex. Even for sexually active people, such dreams help to collect the negative energy collected during the day and to cope with stress. These dreams boost our self-esteem and we see ourselves as superheroes or sex symbols.
Prophetic dreams

Scientists are now inclined to believe that in sleep signals are received and transmitted by the spiritual body. Prophetic dreams can contain information about cataclysms, catastrophes and other vivid events throughout the earth.

Nightmare dreams are for training the psyche. Such dreams activate the body's defenses. Scandals, troubles and problems can be avoided through these dreams. We may even work off our karma.

If you have remembered your dream and consider it prophetic or that it gives you an answer to many pressing questions, do not look for the symbol but look at the plot, secondary details, your emotions, the color and the smell. To understand the meaning of such a dream, each person must works individually.