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How do lunar days affect drivers?

Some observant car drivers have noticed that certain accidents on their cars occur during certain periods of time. If you take the statistics and trace the regularity, you will find a relationship between the number of accidents and the dependence on the lunar day in which they occur.

This situation is explained by the influence of the Moon on the processes that occur in the human body and psyche. As the Moon affects the tides, which is visible to the naked eye, it also affects the behavior and mental state of the person. Anxiety, high blood pressure, irritability and inattentiveness of people are related to the influence of lunar cycles.

If you are going to travel a long way, it is advisable to listen to the advice of astrologers.

On which lunar days is it desirable to be vigilant on the road?

We offer you to consider the most unfavorable days for drivers and the main causes of emergency situations from an astrological point of view.

First lunar day - on this day it is not advisable to go on a journey, because the body is weak and quickly exhausted.

Ninth lunar day - problems with the car are possible, so it is not advisable to go on a long journey before you have thoroughly inspected your motor vehicle.

The full moon is a very dangerous and unfavorable period for motorists. Even when your motor vehicle is in perfect condition and you have excellent self-confidence, it is necessary to keep in mind that there are other drivers on the road who may cause road transport accidents. In this period, the aggressive qualities of people are at their peak, which contributes to irritability, increased excitability and reduced attention. Many road accidents are observed during this lunar period

In the period from the nineteenth to the twenty-ninth lunar day, unforeseen difficulties are likely. On these days, one should not exceed the speed and violate the traffic rules. Also, don't travel on unfamiliar roads because it is possible to get confused and go astray.

Now we will consider another important issue, the purchase of a car.

Favorable lunar days for the purchase of a car.

If you have had the opportunity to have several cars, you have found that some cars work normally and others require additional repairs, which may be related to the other owners, but also to the lunar day on which you made the purchase.

Favorable lunar days for buying a car

If you are buying a family car, the tenth and eleventh lunar days will be favorable.

It is desirable to buy a car for the purpose of working with it on the twenty-first lunar day.

Buying a car for the purpose of resale, for this purpose, the twenty-fifth lunar day is suitable.

In order to travel safely, it is advisable to refrain from traveling on critical lunar days. By following these recommendations, you will be able to travel safely and your motor vehicle will be a source of comfort for you and your loved ones.