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How a Halloween costume can affect a person's destiny

Halloween is a holiday where people can enjoy themselves and dress up in the most amazing costumes. This holiday began to be celebrated a long time ago. The thirty-first of October was considered the day from which winter began.

This tradition has both European and Celtic roots. A long time ago, the Celtic oracle invented some form of protection, because there were not many products in the winter and most winter days were filled with worries and anxieties.

There is a belief that ghosts return to earth on Halloween and people were afraid to meet them and that's why when they left home they put on masks so that the spirits could receive them and that's how the tradition of celebrating Halloween arose.

The image that people take on this holiday will certainly affect their energy. Of course, this should still be viewed from the funny side, but appearance affects people's lives.

Vampire Costume - can evoke sexual energy and is used to attract a partner.

Suit of Mag- can promote super intuition.

Pumpkin suit - brings fertility and success.

Angel costume - a person who will do good to people

Frankenstein Suit - evokes power and good health

Cat costume - independence

How to create a unique image for Halloween

It is fashionable for ladies to gain greater openness by using their sex appeal. The Cat Woman or the Devil is a suitable image to intrigue your lover.

Men relate to Halloween in a complicated way for them, the most popular is the image of Count Dra kula. Or some super heroes.

Take advantage of the holiday to have fun and recharge yourself with the right energy.