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The secrets of the number seven

The number seven has a great mystical history. In many religions it has a symbolic meaning.

God's number

The week is considered the number of the sacred beginning.

One of the bright manifestations of the number seven is the seven-day creation of the world, and it is not by chance that the week has seven days.

The seven deadly sins - this means that the universe is subordinate to a higher reason.

The Seven Circles of Hell. Even evil forces respect the number seven.

In many religions there are rules and dogmas about the number seven, but no religion can answer why this is so. Devout people think this is God's number, and scientists have no way to disprove this claim.

Seven creator's signature

The golden section of the week occurs in nature - from the cell and ends with the galaxy. That is why it is called the number of God or the signature of the creator.

The number seven is considered the number of success. Every person can use it to change and improve their life. All it takes is ingenuity and courage.