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If you are faced with a choice of which floor to live on, this article will help you choose the most suitable one for you.

The energies of the third, fifth, seventh, ninth, twelfth are most favorable. As unfavorable are the houses located on the fourth, eighth and thirteenth floors. Above the thirteenth floor, people will find it difficult to absorb the space of their home, instability and instability will appear for the people who live on these floors.

But very often people do not have the opportunity to choose which floor to live on - and that is decided by people's karma. It promotes occupancy of this floor, which will be the most favorable for solving his karmic problems.

People who live on the first floors have a sense of sustainability and a strong connection with the earth. But this, in turn, leads to the exacerbation of many problems. Which leads to diseases that people living on the first floors have. Positive thinking and more contact with nature will have a favorable effect on those living on the first floors.

If you live on the second floor, you will have to learn to make decisions and implement them quickly. Running away and postponing solving problems is not desirable. The energy of the second floor pushes people to be honest with people and with themselves. It will be difficult for people who live on the second floor and only dream without acting to solve the problems that have arisen.

Those living on the third floor must learn to act independently. To deal with the challenges of life and thus solve their karmic issues in a favorable light for them.

The fourth floor is for not very active people who make an elephant out of a fly and are constantly in opposition to the initiatives of their neighbors. The task before them is to listen to other opinions and make compromise decisions.

Those living on the fifth floor will find it difficult to harmonize relations with their neighbors. It is advisable for them to engage in community activities and thus find the right approach to their neighbors.

Those living on the sixth floor must learn to be financially independent and thus avoid dependence on other people.

The inhabitants of the seventh floor should aim for spiritual development and thus interrupt their failures and engage in self-improvement.

Those living on the eighth floor will have to deal with serious karmic problems. They will have to bet on positive thinking. This will be a step in the right direction.

The ninth floor is a sign of harmony, and those living on this floor will have to harmonize people's relationships with the other people living in the home.

The tenth floor is the place of the leaders, they will be the people who will lead their neighbors to solve the problems that have arisen in a favorable light for them. But it is also not desirable for them to abuse their leadership qualities so as not to lose their beneficial influence among people.

The eleventh floor is the most suitable for intellectuals. They must train their minds for the good of their neighbors.

The twelfth floor people living on this floor should take thoughtful and rational actions for the benefit of their neighbors. In this way, they will help to quickly and rationally solve the problems of the home in which they live.