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Eastern magic of numbers

Many people know that every number also has a symbolic meaning, for example, the number 13 brings misfortune, but this applies to Western numerology, but in Eastern numerology there is another order.

Much revered in Eastern numerology is the number four. In Chinese numerology, not only the four and the numbers in which the number four is also considered auspicious. For example, like the numbers 14,504, 724, etc.

In Chinese numerology, 13 is considered an auspicious number and all numbers in which the number four is also involved. Such numbers as 44.48 are associated with growth for the possessor.

Another auspicious number is nine, which symbolizes completion, because when multiplied, the sum of the resulting number is also nine.

Finally, the number seven in the Slavic tradition is considered a lucky number, and in the East it is associated with reason and health.

Combinations of numbers including seven, eight and nine are very highly valued, especially if you have them in your car number, lady's number where you live or in your mobile phone number. These numbers will bring you prestige and a wise attitude towards life.