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Compatibility between partners based on their dates of birth

We suggest you find out what your compatibility with your partner is based on your birth dates.
For example, the man was born on 12.07.1966 and the woman on 20.11.1975.

Year we reduce the numbers and get for the man the sum of 5 and for the woman the sum of 8, we add the two numbers, the sum of 13, we reduce and get 4.

ONE - The main thing in such a union is to act together. Such numbers help general development. It should not be forgotten that the unit is the number of the leader and therefore there can be problems who is the leader at home. Quarrels are possible on this basis. For this, one of the partners must learn to obey the other. Thus, family life and business will be very harmonious.

TWO - Such a union is held primarily on a material basis. Partners are very fond of contacting each other mainly for benefits. It should be taken into account that the couple is an earthly figure, and for this reason bright feelings are not characteristic between the partners. Conflicts on a financial basis are likely.

THREE - A difficult number for compatibility, but it will not be boring to partners. A very volatile relationship and both partners require a lot of patience to be together.

FOUR - The main thing for such a union is organization, constancy and comfort. Relations between partners will be sincere, but it will be difficult to increase family capital.

FRI - Sexual union here passions boil. The partners provide each other with many pleasant moments, but these are two selfish people. The most important thing is to learn to listen to each other. This great energy they possess can be successfully channeled in love and business.

SIX - Mutual aid and partnership, this is the main thing for such an alliance. This number is earthly and the relationship will be long-lasting. Peace will reign in the family, even if the feelings are extinguished, the support between them will remain.

SEVEN - The basis of this union is harmony. Partners can trust each other. Such unions are successful and easily solve both family and material problems.

EIGHT - Difficult non-standard relationships. If there are quarrels, they can grow into a big problem, which may even lead to separation. Great jealousy between partners is also likely. In order to stay together, partners must be quite flexible and able to make compromises and concessions.

NINE - This is a philosophical couple, if materially everything is favorable, this is the ideal union. To begin with, they should get to know each other well before entering into marriage. One of the partners has to shoulder more domestic commitments. Thus, the union will be long lasting.

These characteristics show that each of the partners must make concessions in order for the union to enjoy love and understanding.