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Numerological compatibility of those born with the number 5

People with five paths of life are very sensual and passionate natures, but also very freedom-loving and selfish. They always strive for constant changes and vivid sensations. At the beginning of the relationship, fives are devoted to their partner, they show care, attention and sensuality.

The desire for dominance between partners can provoke jealousy and conflicts. Fives in most cases are prone to frequent changes and fickleness, therefore, it is difficult for them to establish a long-lasting relationship.

Compatibility of life path five with life path one

Harmonious relations but not always long-lasting. At a young age, the union breaks up because the partners cannot agree on who should rule the family. In middle age, marriage is calm and harmonious.

Compatibility of life path five with life path two

Complex and problematic relationships accompanied by constant conflicts. Provided that the couple arranges social benefits and privileges, forgives the betrayal of the five, the relationship may be long-lasting.

Compatibility of life path five with life path three

A harmonious union on the spiritual and physical plane. The partners have the wisdom and patience to coexist together.

Life Path Five Compatibility with Life Path Four

Boring and not lasting. For the five, such relationships are traumatic and cause regret for lost time.

Life path five with life path five compatibility

Bright and passionate relationships in terms of love, encounter great difficulties in everyday life. Such relations are reminiscent of the dramas in Italian families accompanied by constant conflicts and sensual trysts.

Compatibility of life path five with life path six

Long lasting but there are prerequisites for a love triangle. The sophistication, restraint of the six will guarantee calmness of the five. In this situation, fives will appreciate the situation and will not want more adventures.

Life Path Five with Life Path Seven

A harmonious union in which the partners support each other. Joint business and common interests strengthen the marriage.

Life Path Five with Life Path Eight

In such a union, constant insults and reproaches are possible. For the five, this is a burdensome union that hinders their social growth and creative realization.

Life Path Five with Life Path Nine

Bright sexual emotions provided that the partners can preserve this passion, the coexistence will be stable. Often such partners have a secret love affair.

To find a way to the heart of people with a five as a life path, you need to give them freedom and not try to subjugate them. A very successful coexistence can be obtained with people with five times of life in adulthood when the professional peaks are reached.