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Numerological compatibility of those born with the number 1

The unit always strives for leadership and dominance in relationships. The unit's mission is to lead. In marriage and in life, they strive to organize the household and distribute the family budget according to rules that are convenient for them.

The sexual sphere is very important for units. They rarely enter into a marriage of convenience. Women with this type of page prefer a weak man to stimulate for social achievements.


Life Path One to Life Path One compatibility

The compatibility in the marriage of the unit is very complicated. In such a family, there will be a constant struggle for leadership, which will lead to problematic relationships. In everyday life, such partners do not find any point of intersection. In such situations, it should not be tied to decisions to buy a joint home or property. If it is a secret love affair between partners, it will be quite unstable. Because the units are very jealous and are not ready to share the chosen one with anyone.

Compatibility of life path one with life path two

It is not very suitable because the unit will destroy the couple in doing so, it will become very cruel and despotic. Submissive couples will suffer conflicts and mental suppression and will cease to be attractive to the unit.

Compatibility of life path one with life path three

The union is shaping up to be harmonious under conditions of common social interests. In such a union, the three will stimulate the unit for self-improvement, and the unit, in turn, will provide the three with a comfortable existence. Business ventures between them will be very successful. In such relationships, threes benefit far more than ones.

Compatibility of Life Path One with Life Path Four

Unsustainable form of relationship. At first, the law of attraction of opposites works, but later the partners separate. As a rule, this union can be first love or marriage.

Compatibility of life path one with life path five

In such a union, the units face the fickleness of the five, which causes conflicts based on jealousy. Fives are not used to obeying and being under constant control. Each of the partners wants independence, so living together is very difficult for them.

Compatibility of life path one with life path six

Not a sustainable union, but as a secret love relationship is possible. Ones are very disciplined, and the moral foundations of sixes do not always correspond to ideals. Sixes can tolerate constant conflicts, but they will not be the first to end the relationship. Such relationships will exist until the unit renounces them.

Compatibility of life path one with life path seven

Harmonious relationships and marriage. Weeks will constantly be inspired by the units and will make the relationship interesting and varied. In these relationships, the weeks are spiritual teachers, and the units are permanent students who can sometimes surpass their teachers. The imagination of the weeks is limitless, so they can easily handle the units. At the same time, the units, thanks to the weeks, gain success and fame.

Compatibility of life path one with life path eight

This is a very unfortunate alliance for marriage. Because the eights do not accept, do not accept authorities and do not need advice, considering themselves an unconditional leader. These are extremely opposite personalities, and for this reason, relationships quickly end.

Compatibility of life path one with life path nine

A harmonious union provided that the unit will constantly support its partner. In such relationships, the unit is obliged to dedicate itself to obtaining financial benefits, and the nine to create conditions for career growth and distribution of the family budget.

And so we looked at life path compatibility one. The most suitable partner is life path seven, and the most unsuitable partner is eight. For the remaining numbers, you yourself can determine your attitude depending on goals and desires.