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Vehicle number code for its use

Cars, like other things, have their own energy. Some cars may not break down for a long time, while others may have a lot of damage. Unpleasant situations on the road depend a lot on the number of your car.

To understand the code of our car, we need to add its digits.

For example, 1620 – the sum of all the digits is nine.

Following is a table of car code meanings.

1-Drive carefully in populated areas. The unit predicts unforeseen obstacles on the way.

2- You must be very careful when driving your vehicle. Do not talk on the phone while driving. Follow the road signs.

3-You try not to exceed the speed limit. Be careful when crossing railroad crossings.

4-Keep the necessary distance with other cars. Be very careful when exiting or entering garages.

5- Do not leave your vehicle in deserted or unfamiliar places. Possible theft or misuse of your vehicle.

6- Be very careful on sharp turns. Drive carefully and keep your distance.

7-Be careful when going down or up the road. Possible problems of any kind.

8- In fog or bad weather, drive very carefully. Probable accidents with irreparable consequences for you.

9- Never, under any circumstances, run a red light. Watch out for roundabouts. Do not give your vehicle to novice drivers.

Follow these easy-to-follow rules and you can ensure yourself without an emergency trip!