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Does changing one's name affect a person's destiny?

Many people have asked themselves the question if they change their name, what will change in their life. It is difficult to get an unequivocal answer, but with this article we will try to clarify the situation.

Some people do not like the name they were given at birth, and living with that name or accepting it is difficult for them. The most important factor in a person's life is self-confidence, without it one cannot live and realize oneself properly in society.

Among Orthodox people, it is accepted to give two names, one at baptism and one secular. This is done in order that at baptism he is given a Guardian Angel to protect him during his earthly journey. This name must never be publicized. This is done with the goal that if they decide to make a negative impact on the person, then, not knowing his baptismal gift, it is unlikely that they will succeed. This name serves and is a kind of talisman.
With Catholics, there is a different situation, one name is given at baptism, a second one for everyday life, and a third one that can be chosen by the person himself after becoming an adult. In my opinion, this is a very humane method.
The second aspect is the numerical correspondence of the name. As we know, letters also correspond to corresponding numbers. But each number will have a strong or weak vibration, will add or take away certain traits in the character of the owner of the name.
We will allow ourselves to give some examples of the sum of the numbers concerning the first name of the person.

  •  One- The life of a person with the sum of one in his first name will be successful. He can easily change the situation in the direction he wants and will easily overcome the obstacles on his life path.
  • Two- He will have a chance to make a choice between several options, the result will depend on his decision. The most important thing is not to be hesitant and indecisive.
  • Three-You can count on real success. There are great opportunities for realizing what you have in mind, but it also gives you a lot of envious people who will try to prevent you, but you will manage.
  • Four-Not a simple number, but it gives great stability. Interpretation depends on the situation, slowly but surely.
  • Five- This is not a very pleasant number, everything will happen unexpectedly, there will be insurmountable obstacles, you may commit reckless actions that will turn into quarrels, conflicts and divisions.
  • Six- A harmonious number, your life will be devoted to the good of people and your family.
  • Seven- Throughout your life path you must rely on cunning. To be successful you need wisdom and ingenuity.
  • Eight - Financial number, you can expect gifts from fate, gain valuable experience, knowledge and habits. Or in other words, you will reap what you sow, but if your intentions are not pure, the punishments will be double.
  • Nine-Forbearance and calmness, helping other people. Professionally, they primarily become teachers, medical workers or writers.

The conclusion is that there is nothing wrong with a person changing his name if it will bring him success.