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Products used in magic

Products that every person has in his kitchen have magical power and can be used for such procedures. In order to manifest their unusual properties, it is necessary to activate their power to achieve the desired.

Which products can be used as magical tools?


If you want to have more money, pour some rice into your purse or wallet. In this way, you will strengthen the energy of money and have a chance to attract wealth.

An egg

The egg is very often used to remove negative influence, negative emotions, anxiety, stress, fatigue. To eliminate these phenomena from your life, you need to buy a white egg and put it in your bed overnight. In the morning you will feel lightness and freedom.


This product is used to cleanse the home of negative influence. To remove the negative influence from two houses, put a little sea salt in each corner. The salt will collect the negative energy and cleanse your home of it.


If you wish to attract prosperity to your home, break bread and drop it under your window. By doing good to living beings, you will attract positive energy to yourself.