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Zodiac treachery

What can bring you out of your skin to become aggressive, angry and irritable? What are you capable of in a bad mood? The stars tell about the level of your potential aggressiveness.


Aries does not seek to prove his superiority to everyone, he needs inner strength and self-confidence to achieve everything he wants. By nature, Aries is an aggressive person and can easily be drawn into a conflict. He hates to be answered, this in itself increases his hostility. Aries will stop at nothing with one goal of breaking the resistance.


Deep in his soul, Taurus dreams of robbing a bank, the real level of his income rarely satisfies him. With this idea in mind, he will weave treacherous plans for a long time. He doesn't lack patience either, he can wait forever for the right moment.


Rarely, the representative of the Gemini sign has a bad memory, but if he gets angry, he is capable of terrible revenge. The representatives of this sign are distinguished by treachery and audacity, they are impulsive, and their drive is unpredictable and lightning fast. It is almost impossible to predict when the next outbreak will be.


Sensitive and romantic Cancer can be very vindictive and treacherous!. Never laugh at such a person, he is able to deliver an unexpected, accurate and crushing blow. Cancer is capable of carrying its vendetta plan for a long time, and if you hurt it badly, don't doubt that sooner or later it will take its revenge on you.


Leo is firmly convinced that he is always right. He has a domineering nature, oriented towards resolute suppression of any resistance. The representatives of this sign have an innate sense of justice and can be very aggressive in removing any injustice.


Virgo is anxious and suspicious, so many things can throw her off balance. She is conservative, loves order, and the slightest violation of it can lead to rage. You haven't taken out the trash for the second day now, and unwashed dishes have filled the sink. The virgin who lives with you under the same roof will hardly tolerate such a mockery.


Thanks to their inner striving for harmony, Libras are usually very patient. They try to smooth out sharp corners and extinguish brewing conflicts, but if you provoke them, their anger will be terrible.


Scorpio is mean and aggressive by nature. If you insult him or steal his intimate partner, guess for yourself. This is the sign that he is capable of killing out of jealousy


Sagittarius is an explosive nature, has the soul of an adventurer and the temperament of a gambler in a casino. It's very easy to get him out of his skin. In a moment of anger and irritation, he will throw thunder and lightning and can do many illogical acts.


Capricorn is not hot-tempered, it is cold and calculating. He considers everything down to the smallest details. Such a person is a domineering and stubborn nature, he will do everything to prove to the one who offended him that he is nothing.


It is characteristic for the representatives of the zodiac not to like order in all its manifestations. Such a person may become fixated on the idea that order is a universal evil and must necessarily be destroyed. Aggressive outbursts of Aquarians are most often a challenge to society and the law.


Fish are extremely sensitive, any trifle can offend and upset them. Outwardly, the life of such people may not change, but in their inner world it may become a real coup. The representatives of this sign are the most prone to alcohol and drug addiction of all zodiac signs.