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Mayan horoscope

Those born from 02.01 - 21.01

People of the night, their energy rises when the Sun sets and the night begins. These people are very active during the full moon. The recommendation to these people is to learn to use their energy for peaceful purposes. Suitable for them are the spiritual practices through which they will have the opportunity to achieve success in all areas of their lives.

22.01 - 10.02

These people are gentle and compassionate and can make excellent diplomats and lawyers. The recommendation to them is to strive for harmony in order to enjoy life.

11.02 - 02.03

Their powers will rise at the beginning of the day and fall at sunset. So work in the morning and rest in the evening.

03.03 - 22.03

Those born during this time of the year love nature and can make excellent veterinarians. Their favorite color is red, which gives them energy and power.

23.03 - 11.04

These people are very fond of secrets and mystical things and believe that the best weapon is information. They will win in life thanks to their intelligence.

12.04 - 01.05

Those born in this period of the year have a subtle sense of love for the planet earth. For them, devotion, loyalty and firmness of spirit are inherent.

02.05 - 21.05

These are very active people who cannot always manage their energy. Their impulsiveness makes them do illogical things at times.

22.05 - 10.06

These are very contact people. Their character is a combination of the elements of water, earth and air. Their power can be both destructive and constructive.

10.06 - 30.06

These are spiritual persons who deal with people's problems. They are respected not by their age but by their wisdom.

01.07 - 20.07

Wise and intelligent people who have a chance during their earthly path to hold leadership positions.

21.07 - 25.07

These people are born to create harmony in the lives of those around them. Luck throughout their life journey will be on their side.

26.07 - 14.08

You are a leader, you think big. In order to enjoy success in your life path, you must participate in large-scale projects or have your own business.

15.08 - 03.09

Those born during this period of the year are smart and wise people. These positive traits of theirs will give them an advantage in life.

04.09 - 23.09

Generous and noble. Their honesty and justice knows no bounds. To have more energy, they need to be more in nature.

24.09 - 13.09

They easily adapt to circumstances and quickly reorient themselves. Their chance of success in life is in independent activity, but do not relax, but work for which you will be richly rewarded.

14.10 - 02.11

People born in this period of the year have great charm and beauty. They can easily get out of a difficult situation, both at home and at work. Not desirable to give up their plans.

03.11 - 22.11

Their strength and confidence knows no bounds, which implies success in business, and most importantly, they will have the opportunity to create a cozy family nest.

23.11 - 12.12

The ancients may have considered those born at this time of the year to be descendants of the Sun God. Therefore, their main goal will be to help those around them.

13.12 - 01.01

These people, according to the Mayan tradition, should have chosen the spiritual path and will definitely be leaders in this direction.