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What is a person's sexuality according to numerology

Sexuality is just the feeling and the impression you make on those around you. Sexuality is from the birth of man and can only be changed in rare cases. A person's sexuality can be judged by his horoscope, but an equally important role is played by numerology and by the exact path of life.

To find your life path, you need to add the date of birth plus the month of birth and the year you were born and reduce the sum to a single digit number. For example, you were born on November 15, 1973, your life path is one.

Life path one- has a lot of self-confidence and has a lot of sexuality, but they are very selfish in bed. They show the initiative themselves, sex is important to them, this is another opportunity to dominate people.

Life path two - the unification of souls, common interests and psychological comfort are important for them. If this is missing, sexuality disappears. Such people adore long preliminary caresses, in general, they are very fond of body contact.

Life path three - people with a life path three are very fond of sexual experiments, they often change their partners to try something new. They often become hostages of their sexuality, it is difficult for them to have serious relationships. Women with this life path number are quite frivolous, and men often have several marriages or cohabitations during their life path.

Life path four - their sexuality is very complicated, for them work comes first and love comes second. They use sex in most cases for procreation. As adolescents, they may have tried various intimate relationships, but in most cases they experienced disappointment.

Life path five - these are very sexual people, they have extensive experience in the art of love. They are not very faithful, they constantly want new impressions. They generally travel a lot and have an intimate partner in every city or country.

Life path six - for them, sex is both a whip and a cake. If the sexual partner does not disappoint them, they are ready to fulfill his most intimate erotic desires. In general, they do not cheat and it is difficult to admit people for intimacy if they are not confident in their loyalty.

Path of life seven- These people do not have a clearly expressed sexuality and when choosing a partner, they are guided by his intellectual qualities. The most sensitive organ for them is their brain. They have incredibly developed observation and can analyze the actions of their loved one at the moment.

Life path eight - such people attract their partners with their material status. They know how to make business and money. Ladies choose their partners only from wealthy people, and men from business women. For such people, sex is in third place if they are working on some important business project for them. Unfortunately, this happens often.

Life path nine - these people are romantics, the setting is important for them, spiritual closeness, only then they can get pleasure from intimate relationships. They have a hard time having sex on a first date. If they feel that they have a spiritual closeness with their partner, they give themselves unconditionally and forever, but if they don't, they can run away at the moment.

Sexuality laid down by the life path of each person, indicators remain throughout the person's life, but if you wish, you can try a new image, but the main thing is not to play against yourself.