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If your year of birth ends in ...

0 Some important event will happen in your life this year. It could be a wedding, a new family or a new job. Do not forget to thank the higher powers for the gift.

1 There is a high risk of frequent colds or conflicts with friends and relatives. Try to be more attentive to your health and control your emotions.

2 Try to avoid changes. A new job or a new life partner will bring you nothing but disappointments. Keep what you have.

3 There is a high probability that your cherished wish will be fulfilled this year. You've earned it. You are guaranteed success with the opposite sex. However, try to be more restrained and not chase two rabbits at the same time.

4 Your Year of the Monkey will pass under the sign of creation. Be it building a house, new relationships or starting your own business. Don't make bigger commitments than you can realize.

5 It is desirable to avoid large losses and transactions with real estate. There is a risk of being cheated. Be very careful when working with documents.

6 During this period, you will have the opportunity to solve all your problems and strengthen your financial situation. Do not give up travel and business trips - they will bring you success.

7 It is not desirable to change your place of residence. If moving is necessary, bring in a vase or stool first.

8 Restraint in everything these words should become a motto during the year for you. In work and love, follow the golden mean and above all trust your intuition.

9 If you don't shut yourself up at home, it is during this year that you will meet your soulmate or faithful friend. Try not to frighten your fate with your dejected appearance and great skepticism. Increase your self-esteem and smile more.