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The voice is a person's business card

Conversations, negotiations, acquaintances, this is an inalienable part of every person's life. It's no secret that many skilled speakers have mastered their voices so successfully that they can trance and move a large group of people to action. Why is one person's voice persuasive, another's magnetic, and another's repulsive?

The voice is a person's business card, that is why in many European countries it is used as an access code for safes.

A sonorous and loud voice is associated with energy, inexperience and youth. People who have such a voice do not inspire confidence and cause the interlocutor a feeling of inadequacy. As a rule, unbalanced personalities have such a timbre.

A low timbre evokes confidence, the owner of such a timbre evokes confidence in an experienced and reliable partner.

What does the changed tone of voice during a conversation mean?

A low voice indicates a strong sympathy for the interlocutor, and also that he wants to convince you of his point of view.

Interrogative intonations speak of the speaker's uncertainty.

A soft and low tone means that the interlocutor is trying to psychologically overpower you during the conversation.

Raising the tone causes panic and irritation and predicts irrational behavior.

How can we characterize a person by his speaking style?

In the speeches of the people present, many pauses and interjections predict narrow-mindedness and indecision.

Many negative words abound in a person's speech, such a person experiences constant doubts and contradictions.

How to stimulate interest in our interlocutor?

If you want to draw the interlocutor's attention to your problems, talk about your problem and ask him. And how would you act in this case? Or what conclusions you would draw from the situation. These questions will make your interlocutor understand your problems and in this way he will have an interest in your life and most importantly this interest will be stimulated in the future.