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Erotic horoscope - Aries


If your friend, lover or man was born under the sign of Aries, you can be sure that he is aggressive, energetic, insatiable. When dealing with such a person, you will have no idea how everything will happen, but nevertheless it will be fascinating.

He will confuse you endlessly but you will like it. You'll love it because the man born under this sign exudes sex. He has a strong nature and is not guided by rules and conventions.

The Aries man will gladly perform intercourse in the car, boat or crowded bus. You will get the pleasure you have been waiting for. If you are thinking about something serious and a home life, then Aries is not a suitable partner. He has a wonderful sense of humor and likes smart and attractive women. A key to his sexual behavior is his impulsiveness. He needs to understand that in this sexual union it is necessary to give and take. Do not try to annoy him, if you have promised something, fulfill it. If you are looking for unexpected moments in the love that you have read about in books, bet on him.

First steps

You must be sincere. It is beneficial to start with an intellectually themed topic. Most of them are considered to be people of reason and not of emotions. They will respect you if you don't aspire to be a leader. When you have an appointment with him, never be late. Don't plan anything, leave everything in his hands. If you are looking for music, let it be rhythmic. When meeting at home, it is desirable to have more food.

Erogenous zones

The nerve endings that most excite sex are the head and the face.

Aries woman

Be careful, the Aries woman is difficult to understand. She may suggest that she doesn't like men, but that doesn't mean she isn't interested in you. She is a superb performer who easily changes roles. The man who is next to her must comply with her wishes. If you are able to maintain her pace, then she will reconsider her dissatisfaction. If she is excited be careful, she is a furious tigress who cannot be tamed until she is satisfied. Precisely because she is unpredictable, enterprising, gambling, there is no reason to think that the Aries woman is frivolous. When she says go away, she means exactly that. That is why the Aries woman attracts men. It is always where the action is and prompts you to act.

Aries - Aries

The union between two Aries is like a powder store. Even if everything is in order and the partners give each other their due, it is a state of eternal combat readiness, you never know when it will explode. Such a union is rare.

Aries - Taurus

A conflicted and complex relationship that can be based on a joint creative or business program.

Aries - Gemini

This is a bright adventure novel. Gemini beautifully and deftly court Aries. They begin to feel a huge attraction. Both are impulsive, mobile and always ready for exploits and adventures. Over time, such a union develops a strategy and tactics of behavior in both spouses, and the joint household and affection for children make it even stronger.

Aries - Cancer

A difficult combination. At first, Cancer likes Aries' ardor and determination, but later conflicts and dislike arise. The active nature of Aries collides with the emotionality of Cancer, seeking to restrain, subjugate and bind the partner to himself. Cancer's unjustified jealousy often prompts Aries to rudeness. An irritated Aries will leave, closing the door behind him. Marriage is possible only if both signs are atypical.

Aries - Leo

A difficult but creative and bright relationship. If Leo is noble and not painfully proud, Aries is a meek lamb, love and well-being are assured. Such people are often united by joint creativity in the professional sphere or at home, in the upbringing of children

Aries - Virgo

A rare union, as Virgo does not understand or accept the impulsiveness and impatient energy of Aries. The coldness, kindness of the Virgin will inflame Aries and push him to action, but meeting backfire, he will be shocked and pass from passion to irritation. They will quickly separate or live as strangers, because for Aries love is creativity, and for Virgo an unsolved secret.

Aries - Libra

Who else can so attract and seduce the naive, impulsive Aries, if not his complete opposite, the restrained, charming, strong-minded partner Libra? Libras have a sense of measure and harmony, which is exactly what Aries lacks. There is a strong attraction of opposites between the partners. But the union can fail if the Aries are given harsh conditions, for example, to quit smoking, to get things in order.

Aries - Scorpio

This is truly a union of death and rebirth for Aries. He considers himself a strong person, without suspecting that there are even stronger ones. Wonderful mutual sexual nature, but domestic relations are disastrous. Scorpio blames Aries for his failures and sorrows. In this connection, Aries or suffering a subordinate position is transformed spiritually and loses many of its qualities under the influence of the partner.

Aries - Sagittarius

The one who can catch Aries with his bare hands Sagittarius! In every way, Sagittarius is Aries' mentor. If the representatives of these signs are well-mannered, mutual impulsiveness will not turn into mutual insult. Strange as it is, the sparks of contradictions only fan the flame of attraction.

Aries - Capricorn

It is a union of mutual loneliness. For Capricorn, marriage is broken ground underfoot. Capricorn will want to re-educate Aries, to get emotions in the right direction. This is where the antagonism, outbursts, and rifts come from.

Aries - Aquarius

Active by nature, Aries always attracts change-prone and adventurous Aquarius, ready to do anything for his friends. A marriage between Aquarius, you respect your partner's personality, freedom and independence, and Aries, you receive encouraging words from Aquarius and boundless space for creativity and development, can become an ideal union.

Aries - Pisces

It's a strange but common connection. It can be based on some idea religious, scientific or idea of joint success.