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New acquaintance is always a challenge. We enjoy guessing what kind of person is opposite us. Habits are a reliable source of information, but we can also ask our mutual acquaintances. I want to clarify that habits cannot be controlled and one cannot get rid of them.

Very often, mental problems arise as a result of an unwanted relationship that we want to break at any cost. Such connections are possible not only between two people, but between an individual and an entire group.

From an early age, the child wants to compare himself to someone, and this is how idols appear. Parents should monitor whether this is an infatuation or the child's idol has not become the center of the world. Why is such attention necessary?

Indigo children appeared at the end of the last century, and in the beginning, no attention was paid to such children, and no one thought to study the color of their aura. For the first time, this term was used by Nancy Tep, who saw that some children had an aura with an indigo color, as they subsequently began to call them.