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As they say our home is our fortress in houses and the walls help, but there is a deep meaning in this statement. The walls in your home can help you and protect you from negative influences.

In this article, we will share with you what tricks, rituals our ancestors used to attract prosperity to their home

Magic nail

They drove a new nail into the frame of the front door to protect them from misfortune, illness, envy, uninvited guests, negative influence. When they nailed him they called: As long as you are nailed nothing can harm me and my family

Proper arrangement of furniture in the kitchen

Our ancestors cared a lot about having a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen of the home. The kitchen table should be round and not located close to the window and the sink. It should always be clean and have a fruit tray on it.

A ball of red yarn

Everywhere in the homes there was a ball of red woolen thread, which they kept in a hidden place at home. If someone in the family gets sick or things don't go well, they tie a red thread on their arm until they get better or the situation stabilizes. After the cat, things normalize and the person recovers, the thread was removed and burned.

Family corner

Diagonally from the front door they made a family corner. Icons, family photos or family relics were arranged in it.

Children's room

In the children's room, children's merry-go-rounds were tied to the children's beds. In this way, the carousel chased away negative energy and preserved spiritual closeness and trust between parents and child.

By implementing these simple recommendations, you will have well-being in your home!