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Karmic reasons for loneliness

Karmic causes of loneliness can be related to people's past lives. Or with a past experience of unproductive relationships with other people.

At birth, people are given karmic tasks to overcome in this life. Taking into account the laws of karma, we stay in this life to fulfill our mission.

We must keep in mind that every person who appears in our life has the purpose of correcting our karmic mistakes. If a person finds it difficult to find a partner now or his relationships are short-lived. It should be engaged in self-development. To analyze his actions and perhaps lower his criteria in relation to his future or current partners.

As the main karmic reasons for loneliness, we can note that in past lives you considered yourself an idol and lightly dismissed people's feelings or abused them. This has led to relationship problems and from there to loneliness. Because there were very few people who could fulfill your whims or requirements. The same trends are repeated in your current life.

To deal with karmic challenges it will be necessary to analyze your actions and actions in the present life. It is necessary to carefully study the lessons that present life offers you and correct your mistakes in relations with current or future partners. Be especially careful and observant about your relationships and put a lot of love into it. Know that when people feel your love and trust they will surely respond in a similar way.

We wish you luck!