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How to fall asleep easily?

All people have faced a situation when after a stressful day in the evening we rush to get to bed and fall asleep. But instead of enjoying a sweet dream, but instead of falling asleep, we tense up even more and an intense thought process begins, which prevents us from falling asleep.

In this article, we will introduce you to simple exercises so that you can easily deal with this problem.

Important tips before starting practice:

Choose the same bedtime in the evening and do not break it under any pretext.

Do not miss the exercises written below even once.

At bedtime, you first relax in your bed and relax your thoughts.


Breathing is the main tool for relaxing the body. In order to fall asleep so desired by you, take three deep breaths. With each exhalation, relax your physical body more and more. Repeat this exercise until you feel maximum relaxation.

Relax your thoughts

Try not to think about anything. Observe your thoughts and imagine that they are clouds covering and revealing the sky. Do not be concerted by any of your thoughts. Continue to breathe calmly with a relaxed body and expanded consciousness.


Start the relaxation from your feet. Let a pleasant warmth take over your feet and continue up your body. After heat takes over your body, you will feel heaviness and so you will sink into the sleep you so desire.

We wish you a good night!