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How do our thoughts affect our self-esteem?

Throughout life, billions of thoughts pass through a person's head. Many people cannot manage such a flow of thoughts and become dependent on them. Which leads to countless problems.

Our universe is structured in such a way that like attracts like. Look around you and you will see that your successful acquaintances are always positive and do not give up on their goals until they realize them. Negative persons always look for the fault in the circumstances or people who prevent them from realizing their dreams.

You must have noticed that the same people who raise their ailments into a cult are a constant contingent of doctors. They do not try to have a positive attitude and strictly carry out the treatment prescribed to them, but constantly hint that they are not in good health in order to have the support of their close environment and to find an excuse why they cannot carry out their plans.

With negative thinking, people who practice it live constantly in stress and are hostile to their surroundings. But the environment responds to them in the same way. As the saying goes: You reap what you sow.

For example, we know the hormone adrenaline. It increases when a person is threatened with potential or real danger. It acts as an accelerator of heart contractions. Conflicts at work, bad mood create prerequisites for an increase in adrenaline. That's why people who are workaholics and take in a lot of what is happening around them complain of constant ailments. Negative thoughts and suggestions from others also contribute to this condition.

Research shows that thinking positively is not only pleasant but also beneficial. A positive person not only needs no stimulants like alcohol or other substances. Such substances can only lead to problems and quarrels between people.

People who are positive are always cheerful and have good self-esteem, thanks to which they make quick and adequate decisions.

We often hear that some people have been cured thanks to and with the help of a placebo, that is, by suggestion. This means that the patient is prescribed a preparation that is very suitable for his illness, and this preparation can be ordinary aspirin or vitamins. Thanks to the suggestion of the doctor and the positive attitude of the patient, the chance of treatment increases many times.

When a person takes control of his thoughts he has a chance to change his life in a positive light. This does not mean that he does not pay attention to his mental and physical health and tells himself that everything is fine, but that he stops complaining and suggests a negative development of his problems, be they health, work or family.

In order to succeed in life and maintain their physical and mental health, people must be optimistic and enjoy life even for their smallest gains and successes. This does not mean that they should not contact doctors or psychologists if they need to. To hear their opinions, but to treat all this with tact and understanding and not to give in to suggestions.