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Numerological union between signs

There are many ways to check the compatibility between partners. One of the most popular is the compatibility of partners by zodiac signs. In order to find out how harmonious the relationship is, we will resort to simple calculations.

In accordance with magical laws, each zodiac sign is assigned a number. It depends on the arrangement in the zodiac circle.

For Aries it is 1, Taurus-2, Gemini-3, Cancer-4, Leo-5, Virgo-6, Libra-7, Scorpio-8, Sagittarius-9, Capricorn-10, Aquarius-11, Pisces-12.

Knowing these numbers, we can add it to that of the partner and if it is a two-digit number, reduce it to a single-digit number.

For example: You are an Aquarius and your partner is a Virgo, we add 11+6=17 or 8. Then look at the characteristic in the indicated table. The descriptions of the relationships will help you to know what problems you may face in your life together.

1 Union of two persons equal in spirit. Each partner is a leader by nature who pursues his own selfish goals and beliefs. Such people find it difficult to compromise. In such couples, the main problem is rivalry. It can be overt or hidden, it depends a lot on the natural temperament and upbringing of the partners. In order to be together, such a couple will have to learn in the bud to extinguish conflicts, and in order to be successful in life, such a union must have a common goal instead of following individual guidelines.

2 This union is characterized by mutual suitability. Each of the partners does what he can, but such coexistence is not uncommon between hardened materialists. The recommendation to such people is to stimulate the free expression of positions, in this way they will smooth out their relations and be useful to each other.

3 In such a union, one of the partners is inclined to idealize the other and ascribe to him non-existent merits, to praise illusory achievements. Basically, utopia will interfere with retinal duties. In order to have a long-term cohabitation, they will need to focus on everyday problems and thus achieve love and agreement between them.

4 Such a person will not have amazing love nights or loud scandals. This will be a union of boring relationships, which may lead partners to look elsewhere for variety. The recommendation to such couples is to think about whether they are happy and then to look for variety expressed in a change of partner.

5 Union filled with boundless love and tenderness, but here there is a risk of oversatisfaction. Life together is not expressed only in carnal comforts, but is built on respect and mutual assistance between partners.

6 An incredibly stable union of sane people based on respect and trust. A man is always attentive and gentle to his partner, but in such a relationship there is a possibility that one of the partners will break this idyll. In order not to get to this situation, partners must be sincere, gentle with pure feelings towards each other every day.

7 Union of mutual benefit and practicality. Ideal friends and associates united by a common goal. But unfortunately they lack romance. At some point it is possible to obtain a superior-subordinate relationship. In order for this not to happen, they must bet on mutual respect.

8 Often this is a second marriage for one of the partners. People in such cohabitation find it difficult to relax for fear of repeating past mistakes. In order to be together, such partners must forget about their past and look forward boldly. In this way, they will overcome all the problems between them.

9 A rare union. The partners have philosophical views on life, but they have different opinions on the cardinal issues affecting their coexistence, which leads to mutual misunderstanding. In order to be together, they must find common interests and goals that can bring such a union together.