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What is magic?

It is no secret that every teaching goes through such stages, through which it is forced to transform in order to survive. Thus, in time, alchemy became chemistry, astronomy was born from astrology, the ancient priestly rites in Egypt gave rise to geometry, which led to physics and organic chemistry.

After all, if we trace the history of the development of any science, we will easily notice that all of them reached reality through secrets and superstitions. And if the esoteric teaching was real, it was preserved together with science /astrology-astronomy/, if not... the information about it was preserved only by historians.

Quite indicative in this regard is the path of magic. Even in ancient times, it included many different directions. She was interested in everything, from a person's past to ruling the universe. And because of that she didn't get away with it. Now they put her on a pedestal, then they dragged her into the mud; sometimes they declared her divine, sometimes they considered her diabolical. And yet, in all centuries and times, the lively interest in her did not cease.

Why? Therefore, because it was a last resort to which the desperate resorted. Health, the strength of the family, the happiness of children, success in life - what could be more important for an ordinary person? /That's how it was thousands of years ago, that's how it is now, and there's nothing wrong with that/. And when everything went wrong at home, a person did the same thing as now - he looked for fortune tellers, caretakers, grandmothers from villages, who with their knowledge of herbalism and psychology surpassed some professors. Thousands of years ago, this helped, it still helps in our time. But psychics have now joined the sorcerers and soothsayers. But what is extrasensory /psychotronics, parapsychology, etc./? One of the strands of good old magic.

All modern bioenergetics /another name for extrasensory science/ started from the fact that scientists tried to unravel the secret of phenomena - clairvoyants, mediums, healers, magicians and others, i.e. people whose proven abilities did not allow real scientists to sleep peacefully. Theories and hypotheses began to arise, and among other things, it was understood that the researchers of the unknown, as a result of the experiments, discovered the same abilities in themselves. Of course, not all, but also this percentage, who happily filled the growing ranks of psychics, put things on a serious scientific basis, and psychics marched victoriously forward in the world, not paying attention to borders and political systems.

Magic, enjoying the successes and accolades of her younger cousin, did not recede into the background. On the contrary - using scientific developments, she finally became aware of herself and took the new path - the path of modern magic, while retaining her romantic and attractive power. What was once thought to be the effects of higher forces and powerful spirits finally found its scientific explanation.

And here the following question arises. Magic helps ordinary people solve their life problems and their interest is justified, but why is it so attractive to intellectuals? Their attitude, ranging from absolute skepticism to blind faith, cannot hide their lively interest in the most mysterious of sciences. Perhaps because the goals of magic are the study and development of all the extraordinary possibilities of man. Exploring the universe is a view of the world that does not recognize the boundaries of space and time, including contacts with people who lived hundreds and thousands of years ago, with intelligent minds from other planets, galaxies and parallel worlds, the study of their reincarnations and the initiation of genetic memory, the mastery of the forces of the four elements, the management of destiny.

All this is one hundredth of the business of our center and one thousandth of what modern magic deals with. But for now, we won't talk about its other directions, because it sounds like science fiction anyway. However, there is one question that needs to be clarified - who are magicians and how does one become a magician? They say that to become a magician, you have to be born one. This is true, just as it is with musicians, writers, artists.

All these professions are united by an element of creativity that is always present in the actions of magicians. Along with this, it takes a lot of time, work and perseverance to master the basics of the profession, as well as intuition, solid education, erudition, inexhaustible curiosity, an all-consuming sense of constant search. And of course a sense of justice. What else? You must be born on a certain day and time /zodiac prerequisites/. To successfully go through a lot of life's trials, to give up a thousand and one temptations, from primitive animal joys. You have to love people and be able to understand them.

To be an absolute realist who does not take anything on faith, but seeks an explanation for everything, checks everything with experiments and proves it with facts. To be cleansed of vanity, great self-confidence and arrogance, and to understand that if you know and can do more than others, then your only privilege is a greater responsibility for your actions. I want the readers to understand that the magician is not some special messenger from somewhere, but a person who independently passed on the step of Man, Cosmic in energy and psychology from the step of ordinary Homo Sapiens.

But this refers to the specifics of the profession and does not affect the soul, feelings and emotions.

And if someone asked me to describe a magician, as I perceive him, I would portray a person whose body is Nature, whose mind is the Cosmos, and whose soul is the entire Universe.