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Seventh of July - magical meaning

Certain numbers and dates have special significance. So is July 7, it is a day with a special energy that is very different from other days.

The number seven in this case has a special power. At the same time, the week also rules the month. According to occultists, the number seven is very powerful and can be used for magical actions.

The number 7 in numerology

The number seven eases mental activity, and thus calling a wish on such a day is eased. The number 7 is related to the spiritual sphere, and not infrequently people who have it as their date of birth enjoy special abilities.

The magic of 7

The number 7 from the numbers 3 and 4. The three unites opposites and predicts the success of started projects and 4 brings practicality and a connection with the material world. It helps to find the right way to finish what has been started.

In this way, 7 unites two spheres, spiritual and material. For this reason, it is favorable to perform magical procedures on this day.

The best time is 12 o'clock at night. For the procedure to be successful, it would be good to take a shower before it. Water will cleanse you of negativity and open up new possibilities for you.

Then write your wish on a piece of paper. Then put it under the pillow and get ready for sleep. In the morning take the leaf and bury it under a fruit tree. By visualizing its performance.

Other options are to perform the procedure in the morning at seven hours and seven minutes or in the evening at 19 hours and 7 minutes.

If done correctly, your success is guaranteed!