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Geometric talismans for the signs of the zodiac

According to astrologers, each sign of the zodiac harmonizes with certain stones, colors, days of the week, etc. Many people prefer to wear the talisman of their sign, consisting of symbols, a certain metal, crystal or others, but the geometric shape of the talisman also plays an important role.

You can draw and cut out of cardboard yourself the geometric talisman that corresponds to your zodiac sign. It will help you reach your goals and bring you success.

Geometric talisman for the sign of Aries

Representatives of the Aries zodiac sign are very active people, but they often squander their energy, and from there a decline in vitality occurs. For the representatives of this fire sign, the round shape with a dot in the middle will perfectly match. Such a talisman will connect them to the inexhaustible source of energy. And the circle with a dot will help them focus on only one goal and get the desired result.

Geometric talisman for Taurus

Tauruses are known to be practical people, but they are quite closed and unsociable. For them, the most suitable geometric figure is a circle through which there is a vertical and horizontal line. The vertical line connects them with the Absolute and the horizontal line with people.

Geometric talisman for the zodiac sign Gemini

Gemini can make two talismans depending on what goal they are pursuing. For this, they need to cut two isosceles triangles from cardboard. These triangles will bring them success and protect them from trouble. The triangle located with the top up promotes spiritual growth and emotional stability, and the triangle with the top down is for the acquisition of material goods. In the center of each triangle, it is good to depict a small square, which will bring Gemini greater stability.

Geometric talisman for the zodiac sign Cancer

Cancers are very often overly impressionable and emotional. For them, an excellent talisman will be the right square, but inside it will have to draw a circle, which promotes concentration of attention on one goal. A cross can be added to the circle, which will protect them from dangers.

Geometric talisman for the zodiac sign Leo

Leos strive for freedom, leadership and self-realization. The star will be the most suitable talisman for them. It will help them develop creative abilities and realize themselves in an appropriate place in society. If the representatives of the zodiac feel abandoned and not very active, it is not bad to draw a sun in the center of the star. The symbol of the sun is a circle with a dot in the middle, in this way Leo will be charged with cosmic energy.

Geometric talisman for Virgo

For representatives of the Virgo zodiac sign, the six-pointed one will suit. It will help them for a good adaptation in society and for a better combination of material and spiritual values. If Virgo's activity is associated with intellectual tensions and wasting a lot of mental energy, then a rhombus can be drawn in the center of the star.

Geometric talisman for the zodiac sign Libra

In most cases, Libras have great creative potential and unlimited imagination, but in order to fully reveal their talents and abilities, it is desirable to draw and cut a star with seven points, with a triangle inside, which can attract such situations that activate the inner peace of the Libra sign. and include the mechanism for creative fantasies.

Geometric talisman for Scorpio

Doubts often prevent Scorpio from realizing their goals and fighting against difficulties. Two squares inside each other in the form of an octagon, this is a wonderful talisman for Scorpios. If two horizontal and two parallel lines are drawn inside the octagon, then the representatives of the zodiac will be successful in every sphere of life.

Geometric talisman for Sagittarius

Sagittarians are sociable and cheerful people full of optimism, but they often find it difficult to complete the work they have started. The polo circle in the form of a horseshoe will be most suitable for the representatives of the zodiac. If a triangle is drawn in the middle with the top pointing up, this talisman will bring happiness, wealth and understanding in family life.

Geometric talisman for Capricorn

The most suitable geometric body for the representatives of the zodiac is an oval with a rhombus drawn in it with a dot in the center. Through this talisman, representatives of the Capricorn zodiac sign will be able to overcome timidity, self-doubt and will have the opportunity to realize their inner potential.

Geometric talisman for Aquarius

Aquarians love stormy events and changes, they happily introduce new ideas into their lives without thinking about the consequences. For them, the most suitable talisman is the letter Z, it will positively renew the energy of Aquarius and protect him from reckless actions.

Geometric talisman for Pisces

A spiral will help representatives of the Pisces sign to realize their dreams and not to be afraid of obstacles on the way, but to act decisively to realize their dreams and desires. If you find it difficult to cut a spiral, you can draw a circle and draw a spiral inside it. This talisman can protect representatives of the Pisces sign from negative