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How to protect yourself from envious people?

Envy and bad thoughts can break through your energy field and bring a lot of trouble to a person to whom aggression is directed. To protect yourself, you can use proven methods that we will share with you in this article.

The success of some people leads to aggression and envy in other people. To get rid of such negative actions, you can use the following ways of protection.

Keep your secrets

Often envy arises when people find out about your successes. Trust in silence and do not share anything about your successes. If you cannot keep a secret, then share your achievements and successes only with very verified people. For whom you are convinced that they will be happy from the heart of your successes and will not spread them to other people. When some people's curiosity peaks and you start asking them uncomfortable questions about their lives. This way you will put them in place.

Protection through amulets

For this purpose, you can use stones and minerals that strengthen your energy field. And you can also make a ritual so that unwanted guests do not visit you both at home and in the office.

Sun protection

Every morning do the following exercise that will strengthen your individual defense.

Stand facing the Sun and take 15 deep breaths in and out. Visualize the Sun enveloping you in an impenetrable solar sphere. In this way, you will be able to protect yourself from envious people and adverse influence.

A magical ritual

On a piece of paper, write down what you want to get rid of and what should not hinder your ascension. Light a candle and say a prayer.” I forgive my ill-wishers, I don't hold grudges against them. As the candle burns out, so may their grudge against me disappear." Then burn the leaves and scatter the ashes on the street. Do not be burdened with thoughts of revenge. Leave it to your forces to decide how to act.

It is generally not desirable to stand with your back to your detractors. That way you will be vulnerable. For this, stand facing him and look him intently in the eyes. In this way, his desire to harm you will disappear very quickly.

Often negative thoughts bring a bad mood to people. Therefore, replace them with positive thoughts and mood. A happy person rarely pays attention to gossip and gossip that circulate around him. Learn to deal with your emotions yourself. In this way, you will strengthen your energy field.