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How to charge water to attract success

Water is one of the strongest substances that carry information. Its properties have been known for a long time. Water has three states liquid, solid and gas. Being in these different states, the water molecule changes its structure. In magical practices there are many rites and rituals that are related to the power of water.

Instructions for attracting success with the help of water.

One of the ancient practices is to charge water for success in life is to collect water from seven different sources. The power of water depends on the source from which it is obtained and the concentration of your thoughts.

First step

To charge water for wealth and success it is important to spiritually cleanse yourself and prepare for these procedures.

Three days before starting the ritual, you should not engage in conflicts and curse. It is necessary to engage in meditation, prayers or visualization of the flow of success. During this period, try to limit your contacts with people who annoy you or cause negative emotions. Every night for three days, say words that are associated with attracting success.

For the procedure, you need to buy a transparent glass container with a wide bottom and a narrow neck. To buy the vessel is necessary to do on a growing Moon on Thursday.

Second step

Selection of water collection sources

Water must be collected from seven sources. When you go to collect the water, you should not talk to anyone or tell about your intentions.

Third step

Where you get the water you have to leave a bill. This is how you pay for your success.

Another condition is that the water must be collected in one day from these seven sources.

Charging the water with the energy of success

When you get home leave the bowl of water on the table and hold it with your hands and take 10-12 breaths in and out. Clear your mind and focus on your sensations. Try to generate heat in your hands and feel that heat pass through the water. Then speak: I attract success and succeed in all my endeavors.

Fifth step

Separate water and put it in your refrigerator. Thus, the water will crystallize and retain its informational structure.

Drink a little of this water every day for 14 days to get the energy you need.

With good concentration and following the steps, your success is assured.