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Folk superstitions about the full moon

The day of the full moon is considered very mysterious. At this time, the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are on the same line. The full moon is a day of power, and therefore for many magical rituals this day is chosen.

There are also many folk beliefs about this day. According to folk wisdom, love can be attracted on this day. The main thing is to know what can be done and what can't be done.

A kiss on the day of the full moon between lovers can strengthen their relationship.

If you see a shooting star on the night of the full moon, it means happiness in your personal life.

If you hear a dog howling on a full moon night, a recent separation is possible.

If the girl wants to reconcile with her lover, the girl needs to sit in front of the window and begin to make up her mind and think about her lover.

To find their mate on the night of the full moon, they must put a mirror under their pillow. If they dream of a man at night, it means that they will soon meet their partner, if they dream of a woman, it means that they will not have a chance to meet a suitable partner this month.

If women wear red underwear or red socks on the day of the full moon, they will have a lot of energy throughout the lunar month and will attract the attention of the opposite sex.